Headcanon Magazine

Headcanon Magazine was founded in 2019 as a response to the lack of online spaces providing recognition, & opportunities for publication to artists creating art inspired by various books & comics & films & music & etc. We accept & curate creations ranging across fanfiction, fanart, reviews, songs, critical analyses, personal essays, social commentaries, & whatever else strikes our readers’ fancy. We believe that transformative & derivative works are as creative, legitimate and important as their original source material. All pieces in Headcanon Magazine are published for non-commercial purposes. 

Besides reader contributions, Headcanon Magazine is home to a diverse range of columns. Our columnists aim to present our audience with reviews & critiques of the various creations falling under their themes. Sometimes, they will also bring into existence softly woven things of light as an ode to the fandom & characters of their choice. 

from our readers: you’re welcome to send us your gently curated love letters, portraits, videos, entire series of creations you’ve spent years of your life on. words & images which consume you, & force you to create. we want to hear your song. honest, unfiltered. unbroken. 

send us your fiery-flamboyant-fantastical art, & allow us to give it a home.