sorrow finds reasons to slip into my bed tonight

 because home has always been the spaces between
 your genius & the obstinacy coursing through my veins;
 this slumber is fitful & miraculous & unnecessary for
 what is the point of laying my head down this sorrow
 to sleep if the skies are all regular blue i miss you & this space 
 feels foreign again. i have been in this body for almost a
 century’s worth of earth’s revolutions around the sun & yet, 
 it feels like something to run away from, for what is the point 
 of the strength in my muscles & the iron in my bones if they 
 weren’t enough to save the man i love? 
 sorrow doesn’t need a reason to seep into my skin
 but tonight, when the flowers curl around the moon my bones
 find empty spaces to clank against because home has always been 
 the space between your beautiful mind & the gratitude coursing through 
 my veins hollow like logs of wood: do the trees grow tired of witnessing
 humans turn homes turn wisps of smoke where do i lay this sadness
 down, how do i build a new home? 
 from s. r. to t. s. 
(mcu: Avengers: Endgame
                 when tony stark dies)

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