i don’t remember the name of my best friend’s potted plant

alternatively: it’s barely exam week and i’m exhausted already 

a texts me the link to a video delineating 
the reasons why i’m a brilliant best friend.
tea cools in the shiny brown cup and i spill 
queer theory down my shirt. i’m home
and all the clocks are broken.
i’ve been meaning to call you 
[v, n, s, k — i’m sorry] but my phone keeps 
dozing off in the laundry hamper. mum keeps
finding new remedies to care for a body 
whose host frequently forgets 
where her knees rest. microwave the morning
old macaroni for dinner, fill that 
application in late, finish reading that fic,
sleep. rinse and repeat. it will be
a new day in two weeks. 

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