as soon as i finished this “poem”, a dog barked

the sound of dogs barking through ur window
resembles the crying of a person in the next room 
& if u are used to ppl crying in the next room
then no one can blame u for thinking 
every dog barking is actually someone 
sobbing. you’ll abandon ur cookie and rush
into the next room only to find them watching TV.
this becomes a problem when they are actually 
crying but u thought it was just dogs barking.
[& now that i’m writing this it seems like 
a “disrespectful” analogy i’m sorry

u know how when u are a kid ppl ask u 
“who do u love more, ur mom or dad” 
& only ur best friend is privy to that information 
as a sign of ur mutual trust & a guarantee that 
if u go down i shall take u with me ism? —
yeah so i’m glad i still talk to my best friend 
& he knows better than to reveal my answer, 
because those questions take on a dangerously 
different life when you’re older &
one of ur parent’s dead 

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