is it a poem if i only write about food?

all i did today was eat sleep and cry

if u eat coconut in the morning then 
everything else u eat will carry its taste
it requires u to chew for an hour or two 
and if u decide to treat ur tummy to some 
matar kulcha the coconut will refuse to leave
sigh mum just asked for a glass of water but 
i drank four centimetres off the top (don’t
tell her) but dear god i can still taste the foul
white twink in the back of my throat i want 
to open the new box of ice-cream but i’m
terrified that this hairy monster will ruin my 
chocolate mango sundae 

do not eat coconut in the morning eat 
another banana or breakfast can be maggi 
again if u make a sandwich u 
will have to slice off the bread corners
because the coconut will dry up ur mouth and 
make them taste foul but you’ll forget to cut 
them with a knife and will inevitably 
chew them off with ur teeth and then what 
will ur dentist say? 

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