je sais rien, et il est d’accord.


Whew, what a match, huh? I think the CWC final has to be, hands down, the most nail-biting, dangling-off-the-edge-of-your-seat match I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing. It was both brilliant & heartbreaking in turns. But, the thing that fascinated me most in the past two months in India is what we generally refer to as the ‘cricket fever’. Almost 80% of all advertisements during this period referenced cricket in one way or the other. From Uber’s explicit self-promotion through Virat Kohli, on the back of the world cup & all the emotions it invokes in us; to the less explicit promotion by Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh for a television; no item was spared. Sport stores like Decathlon were drowning in blue, & even companies like Zomato became a part of the fad. There’s no latent criticism or passive-aggressive slight against television advertisements here (Let’s save that for another week.) but it is really interesting to note how comfortably we transition into this wave of zealous enthusiasm, fanaticism & absurdly – yet unsurprisingly – patriotism. Connaught Place, & every other hip establishment introduces special offers for viewers to reserve prime spots to drink, eat, watch the match, scream at the TV, & have a merry time. Food companies like Pizza Hut would remind you every other day of the ingoing world cup (As if it’s possible to forget!) & how the only correct way to cheer for your favourite player (Ro-Hitman Sharma, King Kohli, etc., etc.) is with a slice of pizza in your hand. Being a cricket fan, I love this phase. However, it’s absolutely amazing to observe how non-cricket fans behave during this period: it ranges from sheer exasperation to cold indifference. I’m so very fortunate that my family firmly belongs to the ‘fans’ group.

On a different note, I leave for college in less than a month; & I can’t wait. It’s a bittersweet, café-mocha-choco-sprinkled-sugar-frappucino-latte joy. & yet, I’ve tried to give words to this heavy warmth: 

there’s only the sunlight, this first day of dawn; vanilla swirled horizon & i
lick the top. i bite into the cone & cherry-red clouds allow themselves to sink until my body forgets where it ends & the sky begins. i 
don’t allow myself to sink until i can fly, 
hold the sun in my palms & feel at home with the curling flames. there’s only this day, there’s only today & the whole 
of forever. all the skies we could swallow, 
only if we fly. 

On another gorgeous note, Headcanon Magazine, where I serve as Creative Director, has launched a new space under its banner, called AVAILABLE ARTISTS. This is a free promotional space for artists available for commissioned work (poems, essays, graphics, music, editing services, etc.). We have a form up on the website ( We also have the associated copyrights up. (Scroll down.). You are welcome to send in your name & info. to be listed on this page ( You are also welcome to share this page with others. Thank you!

I hope your week is soaked in light & song.


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