you are a piece of art

BEETHOVEN, Ikenna Onyegbula
“Because, you see, art is the great mistress. A parasitical temptress and she lives on for all time. Once she seduces the host body, the true artist… will never die…” — BEETHOVEN, Ikenna Onyegbula

I have a fondness for art. 

Art, that sounds like the music, spoons clanking against empty bowls produce; art, that feels like sandcastles tumbling & settling between your toes; art, that guts you, & ends up resembling the shadows our bones wallow in under our skin— art, in all its distinct magnificent shapes.  

I’ve been very involved lately in the writers’ community on Twitter, & it’s beautiful, passionate, & all things good in the world. Finishing 12th has given me so many improved opportunities to figure out what I love, & art has been a rock. So today, I’m going to list out a few online journals I unabashedly adore– I hope they are kind to you.

they celebrate marginalised writers, & believe that we are regal. they will treat you like royalty. 

they are fierce, & devastatingly vulnerable. their pieces will leave you shaking. 

their issues are always top-notch; & their mission statement is the uplifment of writers from Southeast Asia. what more do you need to know? 

their website is so, so gorgeous, & it never fails to leave me breathless. they are witches, & their coven is well-known for spinning magic spells juxtaposing the light & the dark.

they have a fondness for music; & you’re severely missing out if you haven’t visited their website at least once. also, their founder — Topaz Winters — is brilliant. go, read! 

 Also, I tried my hand at an intensely personal article, using big, big words. Here: “…. amendment to the MTP Act, 1971 was proposed in 2014 which suggests “an extension of gestation limit for conducting abortions in case of certain vulnerable categories of women, such as rape survivors, victims of incest, single (unmarried/ divorced/ widowed) and women with disabilities, and also for cases of severe fetal abnormalities, where these were detected after the existing gestation limit of 20 weeks.” If this bill passes, it will be a pivotal development for the personal rights of women all over….” — 

I would love to hear what you make of it! 
Anushka B.
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