starry revelations

Dear you, 

my college had organised a meet-up yesterday for all the students from Delhi who would be calling their campus home come fall. we did this little activity wherein we had to anonymously write letters to a stranger, who would be attending the college with us. someone out there in this giant maze of a city wrote to me— “we should live in the moment. we should embrace whatever life gives us, and always be thankful.” i’ve never been much of a believer in any part of the universe that i couldn’t hold in my palm, but now-a-days, i’m trying to stand up on my tippity-toes & lick the sky. i’m trying to convince my mind that there could be something more to what i believe than what i know. in the wise words of Phoebe Buffay, “scientists all over the world thought that the atom was the smallest thing to exist; until they sliced it open & a whole different universe crawled out.” 

i’m starting to realise that the human brain is a very, very fascinating entity— it is stoic, reliable, & yet, it can prove to be so malleable. if i choose to believe that my everyday predictions on co-star astrology are true — yesterday, it asked me to tend to my emotional bonds; the day before that, it nudged me towards questioning an authority figure — my day would spin threads around that piece of information, until all my skins bear its mark. i’m too melancholic today, gosh, but i’m humbled. it’s a beautiful state to be in. 

on a lighter note, i’ve started work as a poetry editor at inQluded, an indie lit mag and platform for/by QTIBIPoC (Queer-Transgender-Intersex-Binary-Indigenous-People of Colour) youth. it’s a very warm & inclusive space, & i would love to hear your honest/haunted/hopeful musings. I hope you have a great week!

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