songs in the shape of dawn

When I first started blogging, I used to have this category called ‘black days.’ It used to hold all the poems & proses & disjointed thoughts that were written by me on days which were dark, & gloomy, & felt like the walls closing in on you. The category started as an exercise in organisation, but ended up being a beacon of hope on days when the going got tough. Going back to that folder, & reading those words, never failed to serve as a reminder that it gets better. It really, really does. 

Last week was brutal. It was rough edges & nails on the chalkboard; it was harsh & cruel & very unhealthy. But now-a-days, I don’t turn to that folder anymore, because all it manages to do is make me cringe at my own clichéd, teen-angst filled, heartbroken prattles. More often than not, I end up ugly sobbing at my own love poems. It’s sad, love. It’s very sad. 

Therefore, now-a-days, I turn to music. 

I turn to music because a few years ago I asked a friend their secret to successfully guarding their cotton-candy naive ideas against all the words humans tend to utter; & they replied that the only way to not think about it is to literally not think about it. Repression is the second most employed defence mechanism, but like all defence mechanisms it has a tendency to take a super-villain life of its own. It’s extremely effective, but unsustainable in the long run. 

Therefore, I turn to music.

Hozier, Kuhad, The 1975, Niall Horan, Rahman— these artists have been my rudder for so long; so many times. I’m attaching my playlist here, in the hope that it will serve you well too. 


Much love & power to you,

Anushka B. 

P. S. I’m working on creating an online space called Headcanon Magazine, which will be a non-profit journal for all your fiery-flamboyant-fantastical gentle creations ranging across fan-fictions, art-works, fan-videos, & social commentaries & reviews on comics/films/books/etc. To learn more about it, click here

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