for love believes that endings are mere / beginnings

Dear you, 

Hi. I’m sorry for not writing to you yesterday. It’s been a week of razor-sharp light & dawns with too many faces; & time hasn’t been RSVPing to my parties now-a-days.  

I decided which college I’ll be making a home in, come next fall. There’s storm-brewed excitement melting into moonlight-soaked sadness. It’s going to be beautiful, & fascinating, & hopeful; & I’m trying to view the loss of an old reality as a full-circle sinking into a new beginning. (for love believes that endings are mere / beginnings that are fortunate to have roots / to twine round their legs).  

This week is about beginnings, dear friend– HEADCANON MAGAZINE launches on 31 May, & I’m so very excited to share this giddy-drunk, lovingly crafted corner with you. We are a literary & art journal aspiring to throw light on the connections present between pop-culture, & its influence on our society. Through our weekly editions of dear Scheherazade, we aim to provide women of colour a space to weave tapestries of their numerous identities– we are a magazine run entirely by people of colour, & hence, this is a goal very close to our hearts. 

Come, take a look around— we will be so very pleased to have you.
Anushka x
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