a flower unfurls with the first breath of light,
anthers & filaments kissing the sky/
giggling as they wait for the birds & the bees
to request them for a twirl on the dance floor/
they tick yes on all invites;
dipping and spinning with the best of them,
& the worst of them/
how soft the grass must be where the heart of a flower lays down to sleep, 
petals spilling kindness into the earth
painting the ground blue until the sky couldn’t tell where it ends
& the earth begins to breathe/ in time with the quivering of your heart
which is supposed to be in time with the rippling of your fist/
how freely you must breathe where the earth kisses the sky,
an indistinguishable line demarcating where kindness ends
& the courage to be kinder begins/ to seep into your chest/
        you unclench your fist, bring it down,
 & let your heart fly

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