Anushka Bidani

Anushka Bidani is a poet & essayist from India. She’s the Founder & Editor-in-Chief at Headcanon Magazine, an art & literary journal which publishes fan works. In the past, her work has appeared in OpenAxis, The Teatles Book, Royal Rose Magazine, Quail Bell Magazine, amongst others; & has twice been nominated for Best of the Net. She likes thinking & writing about digital culture, pop culture, & fan culture — she attempts to articulate her opinions (& stories!) here.

Anushka was born in 2001 (b. New Delhi). She speaks English, Hindi & French. She likes rainy evenings & virgin mojitos. You can get in touch with her at


silver linings / unleash | HOLYFLEA!, Pop-Up Issue: Dream Journal (2021)
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The Anatomy of an Anxiety Attack | Rose Quartz Magazine (2019)


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he felt infinite | Nightingale & Sparrow, Issue III: heat (2019)


16 December, 2012 | Teen Belle Magazine, Issue I: Catharsis (2019) | Nominated for the Best of the Net Anthology


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