About the Writer

Anushka Bidani is a poet & essayist from India. She’s the Founder & Editor-in-Chief at Headcanon Magazine, an art & literary journal which believes that transformative & derivative works are as creative, legitimate & important as their original source material; & curates creations ranging across fanfiction, fanart, reviews, critical analyses, personal essays, & whatever else strikes its readers’ fancy. In the past, her work has appeared in OpenAxis, The Teatles Book, Royal Rose Magazine, Quail Bell Magazine, amongst others; & has twice been nominated for Best of the Net. She occasionally (infrequently / in the middle of the night / at the edge of a ghost town / between eight planets & nine galaxies) runs an archive on her website called owl post where she writes academic essays about pop-culture.

Here are some words that bring her immense joy: poetry. India. history. coffee. One Direction. Angela. Feminism. psychology. cricket. Connaught Place. fine-dining. family. cafés. love. Hauz Khas. The Beatles. India Gate. Rahman. The 1975. K3G. Star Wars. Harry Potter. Marvel. polaroids. fanfiction. flowers. giggles. friends.

Anushka was born in 2001. She is studying English Literature, Creative Writing, & Sociology at Ashoka University. She likes rainy evenings & virgin mojitos.